When I started college, I had a general idea of where I saw my life going. I double major in dance and psychology and hope that one day (soon??) I’ll be able to join a dance company and perform dance for the world (or some cities. Or some random people). I want to share this beautiful art that I have such a passion for. And in the farther future, I hope to get a Masters in Social Work and work with children/families or military families in therapy.

I’ve had a small taste of the world, having the wonderful opportunity to study in London, England for an entire semester and travel to eight different countries. I hope that life will bring some more travel my way, as I definitely feel a little addicted

As much as I love this loose plan, who knows where life will guide me. I’m dating the most amazing man for me, Andrew, who is in the Army. We are rocking a long distance relationship for now, but we’re definitely wanting to close the distance sooner than later. Now that I have graduated and started working, we’ll see how the plans come together.

One of the 4 Horsemen of the Felicitations. .


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